Hello Glow Getters

Glowy Skin is all about that natural skin glow and bringing the natural skin feels to your at-home self-care rituals. We believe beauty comes from the inside out and we’re all about simple, multi-use, good for you products so you can glow better!

My Story

Being an Beauty enthusiast  made me  learn a lot about the market, the products out there and most importantly the beauty routine. It made me feel like a task to learn about skin care and ended up being confused among so many products and each product with different usage at different time. Myself having a  sensitive skin, I found it difficult to find a product that didn’t irritate my condition but was also clean, simple and easy to use. I soon came to the realization, if I can’t find it, I’ll make it. Glowy Skin was born off the back of me wanting a product I couldn’t find and a product that stood for what I believed in.

The concept and essence behind our Clay Mask was the desire to bring that holiday skin glow and spa treatment vibe,  being in the comfort of your home. It was important that our  Clay Mask was cruelty free, vegan & clean but also a multi-use product that can be used not only on the face but also other areas of the body. We aim to be as sustainable as possible and continue to make changes and educate ourselves along the way to ensure we are doing our part.

- Founder Mahima

The Glowy Promise


    We are independent of trends because we only launch new products in response to real, unsolved needs of our customers. Only after extensive research can we provide formulas of the highest quality and safety. All of our products are only released after meeting a high standard of performance evaluation.


    We want to be ahead of the curve, both in the technology we use and the science we employ. Our ingredients are sourced from the most reputable suppliers and all necessarycompliances are verified and checked. That's why our products promise to remaininnovative, easy to use and have the least possible impact on the environment.


    We believe you have the right to know what's in your products. We list our ingredientsclearly and consistently according to established standards. Our products aredermatologically tested and 100% safe for skin and safe for life. We carefullyformulate each of our products with The Good Stuff, using as much nature as possible.


    We choose to work with our supply chain and manufacturing partners after thoroughlychecking their quality standards and consistency. We base our assessment on compliance with environmental, technical, hygienic and ethical standards.


    Making regular lovely matters to us; we plan to rouse little delights. Be that as it may, our bundling improvement isn't only lovely to check out. We are aware of its creation also, zeroing in on inks and materials that are earth mindful and killing materials of concern.


    We always listen to what our consumers want and pass it on to our team of experiencedchemists who then work on new product ideas, new solutions, compound research, cutting-edge technologies and prototyping.