Best Clay Face Masks & Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub in India

Best Clay Face Masks & Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub in India

The clay mask has played a significant role in skin care for millennia, from Cleopatra utilizing Dead Sea mud to deeply wash her face to us using clay masks to rejuvenate our skin and take the ideal selfies. Irrespective of the skin type, you can apply clay face masks or enzyme scrubs to give you the best result. For all skin types and ages, clay mask benefits include pore cleansing, absorbing excess oil, and combating acne. Since you now have some brief about its importance, let us check some of the top clay face masks and enzyme scrubs in India-

Fruit Enzyme Scrub

The enzyme scrub contains only organic papaya, neem, pineapple, aloe vera, and lemon extracts. All these components minimize scars, fine lines, and wrinkles when mixed with almond oil. Ingredients like papaya and aloe vera help to reduce age spots, UV damage, and redness. Additionally, it helps to open pores for a simple extraction, shrink pores, and unclog pores.

If you are looking for the perfect enzyme scrub item for your face, Glowsk’s Fruit Enzyme Scrub is the best. This exfoliating fruit enzyme scrub allows you to break down the keratin in the top layer of the skin. Enzymes also break down all the dead skin covered over your face. It aids in overcoming acne problems and other problems.

An enzyme exfoliation breaks down the "glue" holding dead and lifeless skin cells. To eliminate skin cells and naturally speed up skin exfoliation, enzyme exfoliation is milder than AHA chemical exfoliants.

An enzyme exfoliation eliminates ageing dead cells, revitalizes dull skin, and targets pores instead of a superficial peel. It also makes the active serums application process simple, just like other face skin cream procedures. 

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Green Matcha Slay Clay Mask

Green Matcha Slay Clay Mask is another product from GlowSK helping to overcome skin issues. The clay mask carries green tea extract, niacinamide, essential oil, and matcha tea extract. Moreover, it is a versatile mask that may be worn on both the face and the body. It contains antioxidants that successfully treat acne and its aftereffects while detoxifying your skin.

The ingredients in matcha that are greatest for our skin are rutin, and the vitamins A, C, E, and K. Studies have revealed that applying some of these strong antioxidants topically has several benefits. There are different brands offering matcha green tea face masks with all-natural ingredients and extracts are offered by numerous brands. This Glowy Skin green tea clay face mask combines matcha tea extract, green tea extract, and essential oils.

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PinkMelon Slay Clay Mask

The PinkMelon Slay Clay Mask carries rich ingredients, including watermelon extract. Since it falls under the multi-purpose mask category, you can apply it to the face and the body. Your skin won't get dry after using this mask. Hyaluronic acid, a humectant that keeps water molecules over the skin's surface to keep it hydrated, is a component of this product.

A tasty fruit called watermelon can also be applied on the skin. While the seeds assist your body in producing more collagen, the rinds help to reduce skin inflammation. Additionally rich in vitamin E, which revitalizes your skin, is watermelon. The benefit of utilizing this watermelon face mask is that the natural extract helps hydrate your upper skin layer without drying it out. Watermelon is a delicious fruit and may also be used in skin care routines.

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Choose the best Face Masks & Exfoliating Enzyme Scrubs having natural extracts of items that help your skin to overcome issues.  Apply any scrub or face masks that suit your face skin and give results effectively.

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